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Christopher Howell Interview

What a man. Christopher is warm, sincere and an absolute pleasure to know. I had the honor of interviewing this cover model and 2007 RT Convention pageant's what he had to say.......

First things first........tell us about your family! Any brothers or sisters?
I have three brothers. Two older and one younger. Paul is the oldest, followed by Matthew, me, and the youngest Aaron.

How close are you to your family?
I am very close to my family. From time to time we might argue, but deep down inside, it’s family. You only have one family, so make the best of it.

How long have you wanted to be a model? Why? What pulls you to a modeling career?
I have wanted to be a model for a very long time. Since I was just a boy. Wanting to be famous is what pulls me to modeling. I enjoy being in front of people and keeping a smile on their face. Besides that, It’s always nice to get paid to stand around and look good.

On your page at MySpace, it states that you have lots of different interests and talents, including acting and performing stunts. Out of all of these talents, do you have one that is your favorite? Why?
I don’t really have just one favorite. Everything that I learn to do takes me on some type of adventure leaving me with a wonderful story to tell in the end. If you can have a never ending amount of stories to tell in your old age, than you most likely had a life that you truly lived to its fullest.

On your page you say that anyone can be beautiful nowadays with the availability of photo enhancements form computer programs. How do you think that affects men and women in today's society? Do you feel that it sets good standards or bad ones?
I think that it affects them a lot. Here’s an example :D….I once went on a blind date/met up with a girl based only on one of her pictures that she had showed me. I stopped by her work after doing a photo shoot….(yeah, I was prettied up and ready to go) and received my first glance of what she looked like. It was nothing like the photo or the photo had been enhanced BIG TIME! I think that it sets both good standards and bad ones. It sets bad ones because anyone can do it and it sets good ones because they can make you look really good!

If you had to pick one city in the USA, which would it be? Why?
I would have to visit a few more before I could make that decision. If I had to just name one off the top of my head, it would be New York.(I’m going there at the end of July, so I can give you a definite answer afterwards). I am a people person. I like to be around lots of people and I heard that there is a lot of people there and always something to do no matter what time it is…which is perfect because I have a hard time trying to sleep.

When you're not using those bulging muscles to haul boxes at UPS or posing for photo shoots, what do you do?
Haha Funny question….I actually like to just do anything and everything. From lounging around the house watching movies and doing absolutely nothing, to doing whatever pops into my head first!

Ladies.......hang on to your britches for his answer to this question.........LOL

If you could define the perfect moment, what would you describe?
Standing face to face with your lover with her soft lips about to meet yours. There are clouds out, but they are scattered…just enough to keep the sun from being too bright. It’s about seventy five degrees out with a nice breeze sweeping through the air. After the two of you finish caressing one and other, you realize that it’s morning. This brings a smile to your face, because you still have the whole day to spend with each other.

While at the RT Convention this year, did you buy any books? If so, which ones?
No, I can’t stand to spend money when I’m doing events and things such as that. I admit, I’m a little spoiled. I love free things and will take what you give me, but will always focus my time on something else once I find out that I have to spend my money on something. I think it’s because I have a brick wall built up to keep me from getting scammed in the whole industry. When your younger and don’t’ know any better, many people will try and scam you for thousands of dollars in the modeling/acting industry.

What was your favorite thing about this year's convention?
How we were treated like celebrities. I enjoyed always having someone coming up to me and wanting to talk or get their picture with me.

I heard the opinion of an editor recently that the rise of romantica and erotica books has set unattainable standards for the real men in the women's lives who read these books, making women's expectations too high. What is your opinion of that?
I think that there is no such thing as the word unattainable. I always romance my girl friend and I probably do it more than a romance novel does. Yes, it’s a never ending amount :D….I’m a bit of a hopeless….no longer hopeless…romantic.

When asked what was your favorite part of your body, you stated your eyes because "you don't have to worry about perfecting them in any way to make anybody happy" you feel that you have to be perfect?
My goal to be perfect leaves me on a never ending journey. Yes, I would like to be perfect or almost perfect in everyone’s eyes. I want people to be able to look at me and be able to say, “ I like something about him.”

Some people think that the life of a model is easy, that looking good just comes naturally to some people, do think that's true?
Haha that’s funny. If you only knew what I have to do to stay like this. I have to constantly work out, scan my body for any flaws, and remind myself that even though I ‘m a guy and what I want to do at this very moment (of what ever I might be doing) will possibly hurt me or even scar me, I shouldn’t do it because I have to keep looking pretty.

Can you give us a little insight into your daily routine?
Wake up at 2:50a.m. for work(UPS). Get off work around 6:30a.m. and come home, take a shower fallowed by bed. Wake up, get onto the computer and look for modeling jobs or call to see if I can get more work from a friend. Hopefully get some type of shoot or something set up or a job installing the super expensive shower doors, windows, mirrors. Go to the gym, come home and relax, then go to bed and wake up early for work again.

How hard is it to constantly keep an image?
Very, because there are so many factors that will throw you off in every day life. It’s hard to do stuff that you don’t want to do and on top of it keep fit.

What is your idea of the perfect woman?
My girl friend hahah :D A flawless personality that makes her my best friend and looks to keep me always wanting more. She is very unique and one of a kind.

Have you ever been drawn to a woman from across a room? What was it about her that drew you in?
Yes, she would have given me a look showing she’s interested in meeting me or I was bored and had nothing else to do….haha yeah, not many women want to hear the second answer coming from a guy.

Do you have any plans to attend the 2008 RT Convention? Any other events/plans where we can expect to see you?
I do indeed have plans on attending the 2008 RT convention. Hopefully someone will sponsor me like several of the other guys there were and I do intend to go to other events coming up here in the future.

Here are some places you can see more of Christopher......

Christopher's got a bright future ahead of him and I'm quite certain we'll be seeing more of him!
*picture by Styx Photography

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Marta Acosta ~ Interview

It was an awesome opportunity for me to get to interview Marta Acosta, author of HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA and MIDNIGHT BRUNCH. Marta has offered a free copy of her book, MIDNIGHT BRUNCH to a lucky winner! For your chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment and you will be automatically entered! I will pick a lucky winner, deadline is July 30, 2007.

Your books are fresh, hip and seem to add a little flair to the vamp genre. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to write them?

First, thanks for having me as your guest! It's a pleasure to be here.

I wanted to create a heroine who had the qualities I love in my favorite fictional characters, from Eliza Bennet to Bridget Jones. They're smart, funny, passionate, and a little flawed, but they have a solid core and they want to do the right thing. They take missteps, but they will usually choose to do what's right over what's selfish. They're the kind of women you'd want as a best friend. I love Jane Austen's comedies of manners and the way her characters negotiate social and economic class, ethical quandaries, and the desire for love.

So I started with the character of Milagro de los Santos and then I put her in a classic situation: she's an impoverished, yet bright, funny young woman is stuck out in a country home with a wealthy, sophisticated family. One of the current cliches of vampires is that they're rich and sophisticated. Take that one step further and you've got blood-drinking snobs. So I imagined a rich, sophisticated vampire family who thinks that Milagro is a tacky, gold-digger.

Where did the idea for your character, Milagro de los Santos come from?

As I mentioned above, I was inspired by Jane Austen's character, but I also love P.G. Wodehouse and his good-natured, clueless Bertie Wooster character. She's embarrassed by her name, which means "miracle of the saints," but she does have an amazing ability to survive any situation. Milagro's a little oblivious sometimes, as we all are, and that leads her to misinterpret things and get into more trouble. My sister-in-law, who's very smart, said, "If Milagro is so smart,why does she do stupid things sometimes?"

I said, "Haven't you ever known a smart person who made stupid mistakes?"

She took a long look at me before saying, "Yes."

Has the writing "gene" always been there for you?

Yes. I read obsessively, and I write compulsively. I don't care what I write -- emails, columns, ridiculous poems, stories, novels, so long as I write.

What's your typical day consist of?

I start the day early with a long walk with my dog. (My beloved old dog, Dr. Buddy Valentine, just died at age 15, and I recently adopted another rescue dog, Professor Baxter Dog.) While I'm walking, I plot out scenes. After that, I have coffee and read the newspapers, then I'm on the computer. I blog, catch up on news and emails, and eventually I get around to writing fiction. I've realized that it takes me a long time to settle into fiction writing, but I'm usually thinking about scenes and dialog all day long. At lunch, I'll go outside and do a little gardening. At about five, my dog reminds me that it's time for our evening walk, and I get off the computer. I cook dinner for my husband and son, and we eat together and chat. If I'm on a tight deadline, I'll work again in the evenings. I realize that I'm incredibly lucky to be able to stay home and write.

Do you have a publicity agent or marketing coordinator?

My publicity agent is Jessica Silvester at Simon & Schuster. We work together trying to get the word out about my books. It's an overwhelming task. I don't have a marketing coordinator.

What are your views on using these two venues to further a writer's career? Do you believe they are essential?

Having a publicist isn't essential, but it's extremely important. Some people are terrific self-promoters, but it takes time and a certain kind of personality. Even with a publicist, an author should be out there promoting her books, because publicists at publishing houses are very busy and working with many, many authors at once.

I noticed while at your website that you attend signings. Can you tell us your favorite memory from a signing?

I'm always happy to meet readers who've come a distance just to meet me. I've had great times at events with 300 people and events with five, where I can have a conversation with readers. But my husband and I still joke about the time a woman from our neighborhood came to a signing just to ask me if I'd sell her my ancient Honda.

You have received a huge amount of great reviews for your does it feel to have Romantic Times quote your book HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA, "Hilarious...Acosta's heroine is fresh and sassy." ?

I love the positive reviews, of course! I consider myself a humorist, so when I get a comment like "hilarious," or "laugh out loud funny," or "hysterical," I feel that I've succeeded. I was surprised to get a blurb from a writer I love, Julia Spencer-Fleming, who called my book "stunning and darkly hilarious." I admire her so much as a writer, and I was honored that she'd read my novels.

Did you ever think you'd make it this far?

Yes, I did. You really have to believe that it's possible, or else you'll never survive the rejections and roadblocks. You have to be determined and trust in yourself to succeed as a writer. I'm sure there are great writers who never get published because they are intimidated by criticism. But if you don't try and try and try, you'll never know.

Would you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Practice your craft. So often I pick up a book and the sentence structure is clumsy, the imagery bad, the dialog cliche. A novel is not just a plot and characters, but craft. Read your stories aloud, because your ear will often detect problems. Learn from criticism, but don't let it depress you. Ignore those who want to discourage you, and persevere.

What are two things you wish you would have known about being an author beforehand?

I wish I had known that a good way to establish myself was to sell columns to newspapers. I'd suggest that any aspiring novelist send out work to papers, blogs, journals, even newsletters. Not only do you learn to write for an audience and meet a deadline, you also get feedback and clippings.

I also wish I'd known that I didn't have to write serious fiction to be a serious writer. I was writing fiction that was third-person, detached, grim. But my heart is in humorous writing and giving people some cheer.

Last, but certainly not least....What can we expect from you in the future?

I'm currently working on the third novel in my series. Milagro de los Santos once again walks right into trouble. It's not all her fault -- she is a freak magnet and strange people gravitate to her. She's planning her wedding to Oswald and dreading the thought of inviting her horrible mother Regina. Not only that, but the vampire council is making demands on her in exchange for full rights as one of them. Dangerously magnetic Ian Ducharme reappears in a bid for Milagro's attention, and she's got a writing job with a looney man who believes he can shape-shift.

Readers can keep up with Marta on her website,, or at her blog, She also has a blog that features news about paranormal books, movies, and television shows, Marta can be contacted at, and she is always happy to hear from readers.

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Announcing JAVA @ The Hut.....a group for everyone's promos, contests and chats! Java @ The Hut will be open to promos everyday of the week! There are only a few rules which are posted on the home page. Eventually I hope to host author's chats and special events, so I hope you'll come join me for a cup of java at the hut!

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Hope to see you at JAVA @ THE HUT!!!!

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LORI DEVOTI ~ Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lori Devoti, author of UNBOUND, a novel from Sihouette's hot paranormal line, NOCTURNE. Here's what Lori had to say;

What inspired you to become a writer?
I don’t know. I wrote a lot of poetry as a child/teen—who didn’t? Started a couple of novels in my twenties, but never went far with them. Then after I had my daughter my husband suggested I write a book—so I did. My first manuscript was actually a mystery.

Do you feel that UNBOUND is any different from others of the same genre?
Well, people keep telling me it is. I guess it is. I didn’t try to write something incredibly different. It is just what came out. I read a lot of fantasy and mystery—not just romance. I guess that is why.

What advice can you give an inspiring writer?
This is tough because it depends on what stage the writer is at. No agent is better than a bad agent is always a good piece of advice. A rejection doesn’t mean you are a bad writer, just that that particular person at that particular time isn’t looking for what you wrote. Everything in this business is basically one person’s opinion—reviews, agent rejections/acceptances, editor rejections/acceptances. Don’t let them get you down and keep going. Pick the pearls out of critiques and toss everything else. See, I have TONS of advice.

Did you feel you would go as far as you did?
I don’t think I am that far yet. So I hope to go much further. To be honest, I don’t think I thought about how far I would get.

Can you tell us a bit about your contemporary novels, LOVE IS ALL AROUND and LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED?
They are both set in Southern Missouri. They are very different from Unbound. Light contemporary romantic comedies. I have had people say they can’t believe they were written by the same person who wrote Unbound—but they were. J Love is All Around is about a small town girl who wants to get out and move to the city—St. Louis in this case. Love is All You Need is about a small town girl who has left and been working in Chicago at a high brow auction house. Her boss sends her to Southern Missouri to find a piece of legendary art pottery. The hero is after the same piece of art pottery. I think both books are fun and they both have characters similar to people I knew in my childhood—which made them fun to write. There are excerpts from both on my site.

What is your favorite thing about writing Contemporary? Paranormal?
Romantic comedy is easy for me. It just pours out. Writing dark is harder. I have to get into dark mode—and stay there. But I love the paranormal aspects and being able to just go with my imagination. Hellhounds can get away with a lot more than a small town girl from Missouri.

In which areas are the two genres the most different?
If asking about my particular books, it’s my voice. It is totally different between the two.

Where did the idea for UNBOUND come from?
I wanted to write about shape-shifters, but didn’t want to do werewolves. I came across a picture of the Black Dog of Ireland in a book and the idea for hellhounds were born. This is also where the seed for Lusse came from. This same book said some people believed a witch named Lusse ran the Wild Hunt (usually it is Odin). I just ran with it.

Was there a specific event or person who spurred the creation of Lusse's character in your UNBOUND novel?
Just the book I mentioned above. The rest just kind of happened. I am not a writer who does character sheets or anything. My characters are fairly organic.

Can you tell us a bit about GUARDIAN'S KEEP, your next book for the Unbound series?
It’s Kelly and Kol’s story. Lots of action in this one and lots of new beings. Kelly is harboring bad feelings against Kol for the death of her friend in Unbound. On Kol’s part—someone has been attacking his bar trying to take over his portal—he suspects Kelly. So each is watching the other when the book opens. There is a lot more about garm in this book and a new place that I love—Lyngvi and a new character, Fenrir. Plus dwarves, dark elves, trolls, mud type monsters and the corporeal undead. Lots and lots of action—and it’s hotter than Unbound. I really like Kol. He’s an alpha, but a protector. That is part of a garm’s nature—to protect.

How about the third book in the series?
This is Venge’s story and I am writing it now. I can’t say a lot about it because the proposal is still out with my editor, but I plan to introduce some more new beings: Valkyries and Norns. And the Wild Hunt is a focal point. And some characters from the first two books will make appearances.

On your website's hompage you feature Hellhound Bookplates. Can you tell us about those?
They are printed on Avery labels, but I think they look pretty nice. If anyone would like one, they can send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and a note letting me know if you want one or two. I’ll sign them and ship them back off. My mailing address to send the SASE is Lori Devoti, PO Box 46251, Madison, WI 53744-6251

Thanks for the interview!!


Thank you, Lori! I'm delighted and honored!

You can visit LORI DEVOTI to learn more about her books and the lady herself!

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GHOST OF A CHANCE by Nancy Henderson

Ghost Of A Chance
Published by
Linden Bay Romance
ISBN #: 978-1-60202-005-4

4 Cups By Coffee Time Romance

What happens when ghost and mortal fall in love? Nothing short of upsetting the balance between heaven and hell...

Nathan McGraw thought death was bad. It's nothing to landing back on Earth or ticking off a demon. He intends to find out why Sarah Price is the only mortal who can see him, even if he has to break the laws of the hereafter.

Sarah Price isn't going to take it anymore. Not from her ex who is trying to financially destroy her. Not from her family who is making her business a circus. And certainly not from a ghost who claims she is the key to sending him back to heaven.


“What’s wrong?”

Sarah jumped at the sound of the familiar voice. She turned to find Nathan standing only a few feet from her.

“How long have you been watching me?”

“Why are you crying?”

Sarah wiped her eyes. “It’s nothing.”

He closed the distance between them. “What are you running from?”

Life. Heartache. Chaos. Then it dawned on her that he was referring to her jogging. “Oh, this…this is just something I do sometimes. Used to do, anyway. It makes me feel better.”

He didn’t seem convinced.

Sarah wiped her eyes again. She spied a park bench in a secluded area next to a group of trees and sat down. Nathan followed her. He crouched on one knee in front of her.

“I don’t know why you cry, and it’s not my business to ask. I sought you out today to thank you…for helping me.”

Sarah looked at him. His eyes, now a brilliant shake of something—she still couldn’t put a name to the color—were focused on her. It was a look unlike anyone had ever given her. It made her feel…


She hadn’t felt appreciated in she didn’t know how long.

“You didn’t have to go to my family’s grave,” he went on. “You didn’t have to read their epitaphs for me.”

“It wasn’t anything.”

“It was.” He touched her hand. “And I appreciate it.”

Sarah allowed his hand to remain over hers. His touch was ice cold, and any other time she would have pulled away, but today was different. Today it eased the loneliness.

Loneliness. The idea was foreign. She hadn’t even realized she was lonely, but she supposed it wasn’t out of the question, although she had no reason to be. She had her business, a bright future, good health, and now Mom and Uncle Stan.

But she still didn’t feel as though she had anyone to talk to. She’d had friends back home in Syracuse, and she’d talked to quite a few on the phone and via e-mail since she’d moved, but it wasn’t the same. Since getting divorced and moving, she had never felt more alone.

A new well of tears threatened again. For which exact reason, she wasn’t sure.

Nathan moved to sit on the bench beside her. Her never let go of her hand.

“I bought a bookstore in the middle of nowhere. I left my family, my friends, everything familiar to me.”


“Because it was my dream,” she answered matter-of-factly. “I’ve wanted to own a bookstore for…forever.”

“But why so far from your home? Didn’t you have family there?”

That set off a new brigade of tears. “Mom showed up yesterday.”

“Is that so terrible?”

“All she did was point out everything I’m doing wrong.”

“Likely because she cares about you.”

Sarah brushed away her tears with the back of her hand. She knew he was right, but it didn’t make her feel any better.

She squeezed his hand. For the first time since he’d come into her life, she was glad he was here. “Why is this all happening to me? You…I mean.”

“I could ask the same thing.”

Right again. In fact, more crazy things were happening in his life—or death—than hers.

Available in E-book or Print
Found in Borders, Waldenbooks, or any bookstore using ISBN #.
Buy E-book
Buy Print Book Here
Want an autographed copy? Contact Nancy at:


BELONGING by Nancy Henderson

Historical Romance
Published by
Champagne Books
ISBN: 18972

Butler Cross had a business to run. He has no patience for his new camp cook. She’s too young, too inexperienced, and too beautiful to be working around two hundred women-starved lumberjacks. Yet there’s something about her, and it’s too intriguing for him to ignore. She has a secret, a big one, and he intends to find out what it is.

Paige Anderson is determined to flee her pampered life and the man who rejected her. So what if she couldn’t cook? She could handle this job…even if she was just a little bit pregnant.


Paige was picking an apple from the highest branch when he approached her. She had hiked up the front of her dress to act as a basket for the apples she’d already picked. Her dress was thin, and it outlined the shape of her thighs and rump. Heat curled in the pit of his stomach. It shot down his legs, slamming into his groin with the force of a sledgehammer.

He pulled his coat closed around himself and cleared his throat.

She whirled around and dropped her apples. “Oh, I didn’t—Look what I did.”

They both stooped down at the same time. She was too close. He inhaled the scent of her, sweet as spring apple blossoms. Or lilacs. He didn’t care which.

He looked up. She said something. He had no idea what. He didn’t care.

It had been too long since he’d been with a woman. Too long since he’d touched—

Her eyes were so big staring up at him. He couldn’t help it.

He bent toward her.


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

SECOND SIGHT w/ reviews by Debbie Mumford

Second Sight

by Debbie Mumford

ISBN: 1-934069-51-5

A mysterious grimoire of Celtic origins has been linked to two murders. To break the case, psychic investigator Zach Douglass seeks the assistance of a gifted translator, beautiful Jenny Murdoch. But Jenny has a dark secret. She's spent years repressing a potent psychic talent: her 'tiger', which she believes killed her parents. Jenny will crack the grimoire and learn to trust her tiger, but she'll fall under suspicion for the murders. And one of the victim's was Zach's fiancée.

Available from Freya's Bower

Reviewers have said:

This was an absorbing paranormal tale filled with suspense and passion ... The characters were strong and well developed ... Paranormal and erotica readers alike will not be able to put this one down.
~~ Inez Daylong, May, 2007 issue of Affaire de Coeur

A riveting read where the first sentence packs a punch and delivers the hook that had me gripped until the end. Some superb delivery lurks within the pages of Second Sight, along with excellent imagery ... My eyes tumbled over the sentences in a bid to read as quickly as I could ... Buy it and love it, readers. A solid and delightful read.
~~White Russian from Cocktail Reviews
~~ 5 Champagne Flutes
~~ Read the entire review here.

FREE READ from LK Campbell

Beginning Friday, June 1

Growing up on a farm in the 1960s before home computers, cell phones, satellite T.V., DVDs or any of those other things that we can't live without today is the subject of The Life & Times Of A Boomer Baby.
Boomer Baby is a series of FREE stories that will be available for download on the first day of each month from

While I played under Mama's ironing board, I learned all about deceit, adultery and manipulation. So begins the first story, In the Beginning, There Was Mama, chronicling the ups and downs of life with my mother from her secret passion to how strict she was and adventures in sex education. It will be available for download Friday, June 1 at and best of all, IT'S FREE!.

CANDY KISSES by Kissa Starling

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Candy Kisses is a twisted fairytale that mirrors the original "Little Red Riding Hood". Red is taking candy to grandma but she won't quit eating them! Her mother warned her. Now she is faced with the titillating consequences.

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Visit to purchase this Twisted Fairytale by Kissa Starling.

UNWRITTEN ROMANCE by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Unwritten Romance
UNWRITTEN ROMANCE by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Sweetheart Rosette
from The Wild Rose Press

Given a second chance at life, Mindy Thomas swallows her fear and decides to tell her boss how she feels about him. Except Jared Salazar misunderstands, thinking she's after a promotion. Mindy uses the interview to ensure Jared understands she wants him, not the position.

excerpt ::


The single word echoed through the receiver, and her soul bubbled over with excitement. The last three days seemed to last a lifetime. Every hour stretched on in slow motion since she’d found a pebble-like growth underneath her arm, endured the biopsy, and waited.


The clinical voice on the phone explained medical technicalities about the type of cyst they’d found, but Mindy Thomas barely paid attention. She’d spent every second of the past three days thinking about what she would do, how she would live, if only she received this reprieve.

The world buzzed around her tiny cubicle at Salazar Advertising. Monitors hummed, keyboards clicked, the coffeepot gurgled, and conversations went on in hushed tones. Couldn’t anyone feel her joy? How could an emotion that strong not be noticed?

After scheduling a follow-up appointment, Mindy set the phone on its base, her hand trembling slightly. Excited, relieved, and completely terrified. Now she had the chance to live the life she’d stayed awake at night planning. She swiveled in her office chair, turning to see the closed doors of the corner office. Could she dare to do all she’d dreamed?

Jared Salazar emerged from his office with easy self-confidence. So powerful and free, Jared belonged to no one. But then, he did own Salazar Advertising.

Mindy had been inexplicably drawn to the dark-haired man from the moment she saw him at the new employee orientation. She wasn’t the only one. Every woman in the company eyed him with thinly veiled interest, to which he always seemed oblivious. Or maybe he was just smart enough to ignore it.

Excitement thrummed through her veins, propelling her to stand and follow him into the elevator. He might think her crazy, but she’d risk it. This new Mindy, the one who would steer the boat and not just enjoy the ride, wanted to know if Jared Salazar could live up to her imagination.

"You don’t know me," Mindy began once the doors closed, leaving them alone in the elevator.

"Sure I do. Mindy from Client Relations, right?" Jared’s hazel eyes sparkled with a magic more potent than the fear running through her veins.

"Right." She smoothed sweaty palms against her skirt. "This may sound strange, but I can’t let another day go by without saying something. I’d love to get to know you better."

His eyes, a kaleidoscopic collection of browns and greens, narrowed, then softened. "The door to my office is always open to employees, Mindy. You know that."

Her stomach dipped and she prayed the flip-flopping had something to do with the descending elevator. She couldn’t lose her nerve now. Mindy took a deep breath and plunged in headfirst. "I know this is out of the blue, but I was hoping we could get together, outside of work."

A HINT OF SUMMER by MG Braden & Cindy K. Green

A Hint of Summer Large

A Hint of Summer
A Hint of Summer; A Moonlit Romance Beach Duet

by MG Braden and Cindy K. Green

Inheritance by MG Braden
When Chase Taylor's grandmother passes away she inherits the exclusive home their family calls 'the beach house.' Only there's a catch. She has to live in it for six months with Reece Weston, a man she'd never met until the reading of the will.

Is he a scam artist? Or will love turn out to be the best inheritance of all?

Summer's Return by Cindy K. Green

After a seven year absence, Parker Radcliffe returns to the alluring Outer Banks to sell his family’s beach house only to discover his realtor is spirited Arianna Morgan, the girl he could never have. While Arianna is determined to remind him of the life he left behind, Parker must decide whether he will follow his heart or family expectations.

Buy it here:

BENEATH AND BEYOND by Debbie Mumford

Beneath and Beyond


Debbie Mumford

Archaeologist Erin Carstedter is a no-nonsense kind of gal. Her colleagues know, if she can’t examine it with a microscope or define it by scientific method, it doesn’t exist. Erin’s beliefs are about to be tested by the most exciting archaeological find of this (or any other) century. A ruin has been discovered beneath the polar ice cap some fifty miles north of Alert, Canada. What Erin and her colleague, Dr. Matt Davidson, discover in those icy depths will challenge her thinking…and change the world forever.

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Format: eStory (23 pages)

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DARK THIRST ~ Sara Reinke

COMING JULY 3, 2007~
Paranormal Romance from Kensington Publishing/Zebra

Brandon Noble is one of the Brethren, an ancient clan of ruthless vampires. Horrified by his birthright, Brandon shuns the ritual of the first kill, earning his family's lasting wrath. When he finds love with a human woman named Angelina -- forbidden among the Brethren -- his fate is sealed. Can Brandon protect Angelina from his enemies -- and his own dark thirsts?

"There's a new paranormal star in town. Dark Thirst is a great, keep-you-up-all-night read! Don't miss it!" -- New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Robards.

"Enjoy this clever take on the genre!" -- Chris Marie Green, author of Night Rising, the first in the Vampire Babylon series.

"This new twist on the vampire legend, filled with cultural differences and the challenges facing a deaf-mute hero, is a fascinating and unique romance." -- Romantic Times Book Reviews

"Reinke’s talent outshines most of the top authors in the field of paranormal romance. Dark Thirst is a masterful read!" -- ParaNormal Romance (PNR) Reviews


Author Interview ~ SARA REINKE

I had the privilege of interviewing award-winning author Sara Reinke. Her debut fantasy, BOOK OF DAYS, from Double Dragon Publishing, which was named one of the Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels of 2005 in the annual Preditors & Editors Readers poll and a Finalist in the 2005 Dream Realm Awards competition. Other available or upcoming titles include BOOK OF THIEVES, the sequel to the award-winning BOOK OF DAYS; TETHERS, a science-fiction thriller; the historical romance, AN UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT and the paranormal romance, DARK THIRST. She is a member of the Louisville Romance Writers chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Have you always wanted to be a writer, has it always been a present passion in your life?

I've wanted to be a writer since I was very, very young. I remember writing stories and illustrating them myself when I was in pre-school and kindergarten. My mom tells me that before I even knew how to write, they'd give me a notebook and pen, and I could keep myself busy pretending to write on the pages. While I was growing up, as most kids my age were working their way through Barbies and bicycles, I worked my way through a series of typewriters and then, in high school and college, word processors and computers, always pecking out my stories. I can't remember -- or imagine -- wanting to do anything else with my life besides write.

Can you recall the very moment you decided to write a book?

As I said, I was very young when I began writing stories. I remember as a young girl, probably in second grade, my uncle gave me a set of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and when I read them, I understood that what I wanted to do was write novels, not just short stories. I wanted to invent fantastic worlds and creatures of my own. That was about the time I wrote my first "series" of "books," each one in its own notebook, a trilogy about three unicorns. As I grew older, I tried my hand again at novel writing, this time in junior high school, when I was inspired by Anne McCaffrey, so I wrote another fantasy novel. In high school, I wrote a lot of short stories and plays and didn't explore novel-writing again until out of college, when I completed the original draft for what's become my sci-fi thriller, "Tethers," available now in ebook and trade paperback from Samhain Publishing. After college, I decided to pursue a more "grown up" career in journalism and all but abandoned fiction for awhile. In 2001, my uncle died of cancer -- the same one who'd given me the "Lord of the Rings" books -- and it really made me rethink the direction in which my life was heading. I decided to write fiction again, and to really aim for publishing and building a solid career at it. Thus, I began writing novels again.

Do you have a "dayjob" that you go to when you're not writing?

Yes. I work for AAA locally, in their public affairs department. My primary responsibilities are the writing, editing and coordination of content for their member magazine. I only recently returned to the position after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. I'd worked there for almost seven years prior to the birth of my son, and had left in order to stay home and care for him.

Can you explain The Romance Galleria and what it is you do for their promotions?

The Romance Galleria is a virtual venue offering chats, events, exhibits and storefront services to romance authors, publishers and related industry professionals. Like your local hotel or convention center, The Romance Galleria offers a variety of services and amenities for all of your promotional event needs. From public author chats to paid workshop events to private staff meetings, the Galleria has the flexibility to offer professionals a virtual environment available anytime, anywhere. It's the only truly interactive, real-time 3D world in the industry. Guests to the Galleria simply download a free, easy-to-use, completely safe software program that allows them to enter 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I help coordinate their weekly marketing, including the preparation and distribution of press releases highlighting the week's events and promotional opportunities. It's a terrific position, because I'm really excited about the potential of the Galleria. It's already grown by so many leaps and bounds since its launch in February, it's amazing. And it's growing all the time. It's really rewarding and exciting to be a part of it.

Do you have a publisher? An agent?

At the moment, I have books available with several publishers. My fantasy series, The Chronicles of Tiralainn, are available in ebooks and trade paperback through Double Dragon Publishing. "Tethers," a sci-fi thriller is available in ebook and trade paperback from Samhain Publishing. My historical romance, "An Unexpected Engagement" is out in mass-market paperback through bookstores nationwide and leading online book retailers from Medallion Press. As of July 3, the first in a paranormal/vampire romance series, "Dark Thirst" hits bookstores shelves in mass market paperback from Kensington Publishing's Zebra imprint.

I've been very fortunate in that I've had the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of publishing companies, and have enjoyed positive experiences with all of them. Each one is different, but has been terrific for me in terms of my continued growth and development as an author, in their own way, and I'm grateful to each of them.

Any advice to aspiring romance writers?

Never give up. Make time in your life whenever you can to write. Don't let rejections discourage you, or keep you from submitting again. I think building a career as an author takes 10-20 percent talent, and 80-90 percent luck. It's all about presenting the best possible manuscript you can, and getting it in front of the right person at just the right moment. Putting together a top-notch manuscript is something you control completely. Getting your manuscript out there is something within your power, too. And while you can't control whether or not you get it in front of the right person at the right time, the only way that's ever going to happen is if you keep trying despite rejections.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, Sara!

Visit Sara at her home on the web!

Stay Tuned for a look at Sara's novel, DARK THIRST......

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

RIDING THE STORM by Sydney Croft

I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek at this upcoming release. Thanks, Larissa! (wink) I haven't read it all the way through yet, but it's one of those where you can't wait to get to the end. My fingers have been itching with wanting to finish it.

I'm almost thinking about shirking my revision duties for my latest MS so that I can dive into it again. I got lost when I began reading and when I came up for air, a half hour had gone by. It drowned out the noise of the kids yelling and sucked me right in!

If you have a chance, check it out! RIDING THE STORM will be available soon from Bantam Dell. You can also Preorder from Amazon at Sydney's site!


SNAP! by Shelley Munro

The Time to SNAP! is now

Snap! by Shelley Munro

An inheritance should be something pleasant, like money or jewelry or a personal memento. That's exactly what accountant Alice Beasley is expecting the lawyer to announce at the reading of her aunt's will--a nice surprise to ensure her future security.

Instead Alice inherits a condom company called Fancy Free along with numerous associated problems: elderly board members who are more preoccupied with cake, coffee, knitting and frank discussions of sex; worrying troubles with production and design; the attentions of a stalker with a costume fetish, and then there's the manager--James AKA Mr. Dashing. He makes her very nervous indeed.

It's clear to Alice she has fallen down a rabbit hole into a chaotic Wonderland, and she's waiting for someone to pinch her awake. Alice wants normal, she wants security and love, but what she gets is fun and passion and physical pleasure while bad boy James teaches her about managing a condom company...

Read an excerpt here

Purchase in print from Amazon or from your favorite bookstore. Also available in e-format

Adventure into Romance with Shelley Munro

FROM THE ASHES by Aurelia Abbott

From the Ashes is now available at Twilight Fantasies Publications.

FROM THE ASHES is the story of Hannah Reed, a mortal in love with Will Caldwell, a pyreweld demon. Hannah and Will make a sexual commitment to one another only to have Will leave when another pyreweld—a female—passes through town.

Two years pass and Hannah is haunted by her unresolved feelings for Will. Just when she believes she is capable of entering into a new relationship with Michael Parker, Will returns to Jasper—alone. The pressure of Will’s return and his eagerness to pick things up where they left off, as well as her confusion about her feelings toward Michael, causes Hannah to leave Jasper in the hopes of achieving some much needed mental clarity.

Read an excerpt here.


ONE WICKED WINTER is now available!

It's a three novella anthology...

Published By: Amber Quill Press
Release Date: April 2007
Written as: Cassidy Kent

A sexy first date, an unexpected encounter, and a torrid reunion. Three smoldering stories of reckless passion stoke the fires of one very wicked winter…

Dear John

In her last year of high school, Dane Harley, a foster kid with no direction, met John Stratton, a Pittsburgh rich kid with a penchant for trouble. She visits him a decade after disappearing from his life, only to discover he’s moved on. Their subsequent affair speaks of the torrent of passion and love that still binds them.

Santa’s Helper

CEO Noel grants a boy’s Christmas wish by escorting sexy single mother Maura around Manhattan on Christmas Eve. The spark between them is immediate, but the distance between Park Avenue and the Jersey suburbs is immense. Are their worlds too dissimilar to merge or can they bridge the distance with love?

What Lies in Winter

Workaholic Hayley vacations in the mountains and meets author, Nicholas. He might be a solitary beast but Hayley is hell-bent on disrupting his peaceful balance. A blizzard makes them share quarters and their fiery personalities melt the ice caps off the mountains.

GOTHIC BLUE by Portia Da Costa

Gothic Blue - coverGOTHIC BLUE - Portia Da Costa

'What are you going to do to me?' Belinda asked defiantly. 'Beat me or something?

Smack my bottom? I'm sure that's what you decadent aristocrats live for - a chance to humiliate the lower orders.' Even as she was speaking, this idea - which should have seemed horrendous - was becoming highly exciting.

At an archduke's reception, a handsome young nobleman falls under the spell of a malevolent but irresistible sorceress.

Two hundred years later, Belinda Seward also falls prey to sensual forces she can neither understand nor control. Stranded by a thunderstorm at a remote Gothic priory, Belinda and her boyfriend are drawn into an enclosed world of luxurious decadence and sexual alchemy.

Their host is the courteous but melancholic Andre Von Kastel; a beautiful aristocrat who mourns his lost love. He has plans for Belinda - plans which take her into the realms of obsessive love and the erotic paranormal.

"Above all else, Gothic Blue is a romance. There are plenty of supernatural elements, and more than plenty erotic interludes. Portia Da Costa does many things very well: plot, characterisation and (in the case of this title) she injects a credible suggestion of the supernatural in a realistic world. She's renowned for writing sex scenes that are so hot they sizzle and, in Gothic Blue, she does not disappoint."
~ Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers and Writers Association

"Packed with sex and kink, this is a novel that still retains a mysterious and powerful air. A hint of the supernatural is mixed with a fun gothic setting as a tale of intertwining romances is told by Da Costa with aplomb. A highly recommended novel"
~ E.T.O – Issue 44 March 07"the sex is relentlessly intense!" ~ Forum

ISBN 0352330759

Originally published by Black Lace in 1996 - new reprint April 2007 [US]

Read an excerpt at Portia's Prose [NB. excerpt is NC 17 and suitable for adults only]

Gothic Blue
is available from and


OASIS OF MY HEART by Tara S. Nichols

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Oasis of My Heart

by Tara S Nichols

Release Date May 25th 2007

Sadie Davies is running away for the second time in her life. The first time she wanted stardom. This time she is running from it. Intending to keep a low profile she sets up for a solitary life, but with sexy, know-it-all, neighbour Dustin Reed she finds it rather difficult. Moving in next door to playboy Dustin Reed wasn’t Sadie Davies idea of keeping a low profile. With ex-manager Horace Bigelow hunting her down the last thing Sadie wants is a distraction.

Now she has to decide whether to let this lady-killer into her life for fear of attracting a real killer.
Available May 25th from Cobblestone Press!

THE SPIRIT WITHIN by Shonna Brannon

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The Spirit Within

by Shonna Brannon

ISBN: 978-1-60088-130-5

Alyssa Carrington's spirit must search out the man who tried to kill her before her body’s taken off life support and she moves on to the other side.

Sam Carson’s a detective whose sister was murdered the night Alyssa was attacked. When he hears a voice claiming to be the spirit of Alyssa, he thinks he’s going crazy. Can he go against the rules and track down his sister’s killer and get Alyssa back in her body or will his feelings for her spirit get in the way and send her to the other side, making him lose his chance with her forever.

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Spinning Wildly
by Elle Fredrix

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Purchase Here


Although Megan Dempsey hates amusement parks, she hates disappointing her 12-year old son even more. So when his plans with a friend fall through, he ropes her into going along. Things go downhill from there. First, an incident with a mustard-oozing hotdog paints her breast golden. Then running into-literally-Mitchell Carter, a man who has stirred her emotions for more than year, mortifies her even more. When their paths repeatedly cross, she recognizes interest in Mitch's gaze. Megan's day is about to get a whole lot better!


Tawny Taylor is pleased to announce the release of two new paperback books!

Master of Secret Desires is a multi-author anthology with Scott Carpenter and Elizabeth Jewell. Tawny's story in the anthology is Dragons and Dungeons, an erotic dragon shapeshifter story.

Review Quotes:

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tales of sexy alpha men and the women who love them. 5 cups! (Susan, Coffeetime Romance)

I want more, more, more! More bondage, more hot dragon sex, I want more!
(Annabelle Andrews, Joyfully Reviewed)

And the second book is all Tawny. Animal Urges is a two-in-one containing two shapeshifter stories. Both are set in Alaska, and the two are tied tightly together with a plot that continues from one story into the other. The individual titles of the ebooks are Mark of the Beast and Touch of the Beast.

Review Quotes:

"Tawny Taylor has done a marvelous job of penning a tale of excitement and passion that readers won’t soon forget." (Angel, Romance Junkies)

"I hope this is only the beginning of a concept that has so many possibilities it would be almost criminal not to explore them further." 5 Angels! (Rachelle, FAR)

The Mark of the Beast is a HOT romance filled with lots of sizzling sex and witty repertoire. The action is fast-paced; I couldn't put it down! Thumbs up to Ms. Taylor. I loved this book. 5 Kisses (Nonny, Romance Divas)

DRAGON DANCE by Emily Ryan-Davis

DRAGON DANCE now available!

Click to purchase!

Dragon Dance

Self-preservation, not cowaradice, drove Cora Phillips to run from the supernatural intrigues surrounding Salim Aridi, Greg Cho, and their respective dragon aspects. She spent a year rebuilding a sense of normalcy, and she learned to cope with the residual nightmares that followed her brief collision with modern myth.

The moment Salim loses control, however, the dragons demonstrate just how meaningless human distance really is, and return to remind Cora that dragon ties are not so easily broken.

Now available for download!

If you haven't read MATING CALL, the first book in the Dragon Queen trilogy, you can read an excerpt and download here!

MATING CALL and DRAGON DANCE receive 5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews

"I LOVE these two books." - Wilga Hill Boomerang of Cocktail Reviews

Thursday, 17 May 2007



A warlock whose powers are hidden by the misty bayou. A necromancer who wants to control the underworld and the only other who harbors dark gifts similar to his own........a woman who can speak to the dead.


She crept as quietly as she could down the stairs and breathed in a sigh of relief when she finally reached the door. Outside, fog had wound itself around the great oaks that littered the lawn of the inn, obscuring the view of the ground from the porch. The humid steam that caked the air floated in from the swamp.

Hearing sounds, she walked to the side of the inn. She leaned into the wind, her ears straining to catch the sounds she heard. A party. At least, that was what it sounded like. Faint music wafted in, blues that made her body want to sway along. Voices mingled in with the tune, cheery and lively. She was wrong when she thought the town would be sleeping. Apparently celebrating never stopped here.

“At this late hour, you should be sleeping.”

The beautiful accent gave her a start as she jolted, banging her hip against the porch railing as she twisted to see who was there. Of course. It was him. The annoying, tantalizing Cayden. She had only known him for a few hours, how could she feel such a loathing and yet at the same time, such a pull to him? Chalking her dizziness at the sight of him up to lack of sleep and her vision, she stared at him.

“I could say the same about you. Don’t you have any manners at all?” Summer asked, impatiently crossing her arms over her chest, causing her breasts to swell slightly out of the top of her skimpy tank. His eyes flashed and for a moment she was caught wondering what was wrong with him. Then she realized she had skipped the bra. Oops.

“Yes, I do. May I ask what you are doing out here, barely dressed?” To emphasize his question, he scanned her body, from her forehead to her toes, setting nerves she hadn’t realized she had on fire.

“I didn’t think anyone would be up. I couldn’t sleep.” She shrugged, again making her breasts jiggle with the movement. Cayden let out an audible groan and looked the other way.

“I couldn’t sleep either. Fancy meeting you here.” He turned back towards her and gave her a one-sided smirk.

Not being able to help herself, she giggled, leaning back against the rails as she did. “Well, since we’re here, you could tell me a little bit about your town.”

Striding towards her, he stopped to her right, leaning his hip into the rails, and using his elbow to support his upper body. “You mean that you want to know about the witchcraft, the voodoo.”
Surprised at his insight, she agreed. “Yes, actually. That’s why I’m here.”

“I’ll tell you what. Take me up to your room, give me a drink, then maybe I’ll tell you some of what I know.” He bobbed his head in the direction of the inn.

“Yeah, right. I’m not inviting you into my room. Do you think I’m insane?” She scoffed at his suggestion.

“No, I don’t. But that’s the problem. I have a feeling that loosening up a little won’t hurt you. Maybe you need to take some chances, some risks.”

If he only knew what she saw almost nightly in her head, he would understand the irony of his statement. Rolling it around in her mind, she thought about the circumstances. It wasn’t like she couldn’t scream for help. Knowing that it was against her better judgement, she announced,
“Okay, but you have to stay within three feet of me. Understood?”

The muscles in his chest strained against the fabric of his shirt as he gave out a thick chuckle. He held up his hands, mimicking a stick-up as he said, “I solemnly swear.” Putting his hands down, he stepped closer, leaving only inches between her lips and his.

“On a condition of my own.”

His breath tickled her cheek as she went still, feeling her lips beg for just a touch. Fighting for air, she asked, “Okay, what’s the condition?”

“If you ask me to get close, then I’m allowed.” He studied her face, looking serious in his request.

She snorted. “Sure, as if that will happen.” Struggling to turn away, she finally found the strength and broke the spell.

With him in tow, she showed the way back to her room.
BAYOU SUMMONS will be available soon from DARK EDEN PRESS!


Sunday, 8 April 2007

THE DREAM KING by Tara Newlands ~ Blurb


At the beginning of each night during the witching hour, Amanda Carson travels to a place veiled with illusion and lives for the touch of a forgotten love. A man unlike any other calls to her across a shadowy midnight world.

She relives magical battles and the heated caresses of a man who seems more alive than any dream. But, little does she realize that the man of her dreams is indeed real and seeking her with the greatest of intensity.

THE DREAM KING will be available from LAVENDER ISIS PRESS in May 2007.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

FAITHLESS by Yolanda Sfetsos ~ Excerpt

Alyce Kerr used to be a witch, until she bound her soul to a demonic entity in search of wealth, popularity and self-gratification. Now she possessed the pretentious and monetary side of her quest, but hated her existence.

She was a Faith Healer—a celebrity who sold out wherever she went, no matter how big or small the venue. The power and success exploded overnight. Doors were opened as soon as she started knocking. But the real nightmare of the sacrifice now kept her trapped in a cloud of regret and misery.

Alyce was never alone, never truly in control. He kept her working day-in, day-out, to satisfy his thirst.

“She hasn’t been able to see for two years,” the short woman in front of her wept, pushing a little girl into view with shaky hands. A delicate child with white-blonde hair stepped forward. Her pale eyes were constantly focused on one spot, unseeing. “My daughter’s only a little girl, not even seven yet. Please help her, Ms. Kerr,” the mother continued with pleading eyes.

Alyce recognized the look in the woman’s eyes—desperation. She’d seen that watery look a thousand times, in the mirror. She was a regular acquaintance of the feeling. Alyce now suffered a new misery. She knew she could heal the little girl and a thousand more...but the hollowness inside her soul was growing with every new healing. He could cure anything, without much strain to his almost-endless fountain of power. The creature stood behind her, crowding the area with his awkwardly-proportioned limbs, one set of hands resting on her shoulders. His heated breath swayed the loose curls of her hair, and Alyce shivered.

“Do it,” he whispered near her left ear.

Alyce closed her eyes to the command. The stage lights were too bright, stinging her corneas even through her closed eyelids. The crowd on the floor below held their collective breaths. The large spotlight was itching at her skin, but she fought the desire to scrape away the feeling with her nails.

“Alyce, I said do it,” he repeated.

She released a shallow breath and opened her eyes slowly. Trying to avoid everyone’s gaze, she lifted her right hand to the little girl’s forehead. The girl’s body jerked at the connection and hung limp, as if glued to the spot where they joined. Held up only by Alyce’s open palm, the girl’s head fell backward as the heat swelled beneath the faith healer’s hand.



Monday, 26 March 2007

FAERIE DUST by Yolanda Sfetsos ~Excerpt

Shay Lee was one of the best hunters in the business. She’d taken down many men, most left gasping for mercy at the other end of her magical sword. There was no challenge Rhiannon, the current Faerie Warrior Queen, could set up that Shay wasn’t able to conquer. Yet, this man... There was something different about him.

And it wasn’t just the obvious.

She’d stalked him for weeks now. For someone who usually took a handful of days to bring out the true nature of her hunt, she felt edgy. Her skin itched at the need to fulfill this hunt so she could get a new assignment. But that would not happen until she could get this guy out.

Shay peeked around the corner. Heart thumped harder when her gaze fell upon him. He was a tall man with fair skin and eyes of green. There was an aura around him which humans would see in the way of confidence. She could see it for what it was—power. He carried an immense amount of power he didn’t even know about.

That’s why she was here. To release him from the containment prison of his real self.

Her vision blurred as her thoughts scattered. When Shay focused again, she noticed he no longer stood by the side of the bus stop. At first she’d wondered why this man took trains and buses, but soon figured out he held some sort of management position in the city. Sydney wasn’t the most car-friendliest city in the world. There were too many bus lanes, one way streets, parking meters at every corner and several parking garages that cost half a person’s salary. And he...he lived in a suburb only twenty minutes away from downtown.

So he caught a bus, or train, or sometimes both. Whichever appealed to him more on the day but, at home, he had a dark sleek BMW. She’d seen him strap himself into it on weekends.

She knew his every move.

A tap on the shoulder caused her hand to fall away from the wall. Shay spun on her heels, and her breath caught in her throat.

None of the hunted had ever spotted her.

“Hi,” he said in a clear and friendly voice. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’d like to know why you’re following me.”



Thursday, 22 March 2007

CARDS NEVER LIE by Heather Hiestand ~ Excerpt


Seattleite Melanie Vanderpool needs to change her conservative ways and find a new, wild life. So why does a fortuneteller have to give her such bad news about her soul mate? The good news: passion is in her future. The bad news: her dream lover is going to be forceful and perverse. Hmmm…what can a girl do but jet off to Las Vegas and start hunting for her man?


Melanie is going to lose her job if she doesn’t come up with some hot new products for her massage oil company. Can attending an adult movie convention give her some ideas? For sure, rubbing up against sex toy company CEO Rob Black is giving her some seriously amorous thoughts. But it will be hard to focus amidst the spies, handcuffs and mayhem.


The booth was deserted. Melanie realized the crowd had diminished considerably due to the hour. The conventioneers would be off at a comped lunch in one of the casino’s restaurants.
She sighed, knowing she needed to get back to Tommy Joe, who was probably through the line by now. But a bottle on a table in the back of the booth caught her eye and drew her closer. This bottle was slender and amber-colored. She lifted the vial, running a finger along its cork, which was wrapped with copper wire. It had no price tag. Perhaps it belonged to the premium line? She tugged at the cork and it came away easily in her hand. The scent was divine. Lemon and sandalwood. The kind of scent that energized you, made you want to snuggle into a Jacuzzi with a lover. She smiled. Tommy Joe just might be getting lucky that night.

“Admiring your own product? Is that how Shari recommends you bring in the customers?” said a deep male voice behind her.

Melanie twirled around. Her personal idea of Adonis leaned over the counter in the front of the booth. He was thirtyish, with a tight build, mischievous dark eyes and blond hair with ash brown streaks. “Considering the way you were fondling that thing, it would be worth a penny for your thoughts. Maybe even a buck,” he drawled.



Tuesday, 20 March 2007

INNOCENT EVIL by Missy Sue Hanson ~ Excerpt

This is an excerpt from one of my works in progress. Feel free to post your comments and critique!


There are a lot of ways a soul can be stained. Abuse, neglect, and mistreatment are a few. Any one of these can turn good into evil, twisting and bending it into an unrecognizable feature. After all, everything is good in the beginning. Nobody and nothing starts out that way, climbing out of the womb with malice on their minds. Out of all things dangerous, nothing is more so when the righteous are driven down the path to insanity, barely clinging to the side of them that once spoke to angels. Screaming at the injustice, they flee, with a tail of fleet-footed retribution wagging steadily behind them. Indeed, there is a thin line between good and evil. For only when two wrongs make a right, can a tormented soul live with themselves.

Being innocent can only take someone so far. Once that point of no return has been reached, they must step freely over it, giving their pure and golden hearts to the dank and putrid darkness. Yes, good can overcome evil, it most often does. But, what happens when the good that is triumphing is also, concerning some elements, evil itself?

Chapter 1

Alessa McFee stepped from the void, licking her lips as she did so. The darkness that fell from her body revealed a slender, petite frame adorned with a soldier’s muscles. Curls that mirrored the ebony she had slipped from fell to rest against the small of her back. Flexing her right fist, she brought it to her mouth, uncurling her fingers. She would test the wind to find her prey. Slowly, she licked the tip of her slim index finger, displaying it in front of her pale features to gauge the breeze. East. Turning towards the current, she sniffed the air with her head tilted to one side. The scent of moss, from the lake nearby and freshly bailed hay filled her nostrils. Picking the scents apart, she honed in on her target. The stench of evil, the fragrance she had been tracking for three hours now through the woods.

Aggravated that a mere human could avoid her reckoning for so long, she clenched her teeth, causing her lips to curl and reveal two sharp teeth. Following, she cursed the human. Thinking of the others she had taken out, she quickly followed, her boots crunching on the worn path that led to the farm she had found him on. It was so familiar, this scene. It made her eyes sting and her throat constrict. The panic she had kept at bay through hunting evil for so long was threatening to consume her. Images dashed in and out of her mind, making her shake her head to clear them. Arrogant demons clothed in a human’s body, feeding on the pain inflicted on an innocent. Every scream they tore from the throats of women and children echoing their pleas, forever there, forever embedded in Alessa’s own rage.

This disease, this human capability, pitiless and quick to condemn, was becoming an epidemic. She would be the cure. She would be there when the last one fell, writhing in agony as every nasty thing they had ever done came back upon them tenfold.

SEXY LEAGUE OF THE UNNATURAL by Mandy Roth ~ Video Trailer

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SACRED PLACES by Mandy Roth ~ Video Trailer

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KING OF THE UNBLESSED by Michelle M. Pillow ~ Video Trailer

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FAERY QUEEN by Michelle M. Pillow ~ Video Trailer

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Welcome to Twilight Muse!

This will be a place for authors, aspiring authors and readers of any genre romance! Including author interviews, excerpts, contests and more. I've always been fascinated by other writer's and their talents, so I thought it would be great to have a place that is dedicated to author's and their work.

I hope to have my first excerpt up in the next few days and I've got my eye on a very talented Author and Artist!