Thursday, 29 March 2007

FAITHLESS by Yolanda Sfetsos ~ Excerpt

Alyce Kerr used to be a witch, until she bound her soul to a demonic entity in search of wealth, popularity and self-gratification. Now she possessed the pretentious and monetary side of her quest, but hated her existence.

She was a Faith Healer—a celebrity who sold out wherever she went, no matter how big or small the venue. The power and success exploded overnight. Doors were opened as soon as she started knocking. But the real nightmare of the sacrifice now kept her trapped in a cloud of regret and misery.

Alyce was never alone, never truly in control. He kept her working day-in, day-out, to satisfy his thirst.

“She hasn’t been able to see for two years,” the short woman in front of her wept, pushing a little girl into view with shaky hands. A delicate child with white-blonde hair stepped forward. Her pale eyes were constantly focused on one spot, unseeing. “My daughter’s only a little girl, not even seven yet. Please help her, Ms. Kerr,” the mother continued with pleading eyes.

Alyce recognized the look in the woman’s eyes—desperation. She’d seen that watery look a thousand times, in the mirror. She was a regular acquaintance of the feeling. Alyce now suffered a new misery. She knew she could heal the little girl and a thousand more...but the hollowness inside her soul was growing with every new healing. He could cure anything, without much strain to his almost-endless fountain of power. The creature stood behind her, crowding the area with his awkwardly-proportioned limbs, one set of hands resting on her shoulders. His heated breath swayed the loose curls of her hair, and Alyce shivered.

“Do it,” he whispered near her left ear.

Alyce closed her eyes to the command. The stage lights were too bright, stinging her corneas even through her closed eyelids. The crowd on the floor below held their collective breaths. The large spotlight was itching at her skin, but she fought the desire to scrape away the feeling with her nails.

“Alyce, I said do it,” he repeated.

She released a shallow breath and opened her eyes slowly. Trying to avoid everyone’s gaze, she lifted her right hand to the little girl’s forehead. The girl’s body jerked at the connection and hung limp, as if glued to the spot where they joined. Held up only by Alyce’s open palm, the girl’s head fell backward as the heat swelled beneath the faith healer’s hand.




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