Monday, 26 March 2007

FAERIE DUST by Yolanda Sfetsos ~Excerpt

Shay Lee was one of the best hunters in the business. She’d taken down many men, most left gasping for mercy at the other end of her magical sword. There was no challenge Rhiannon, the current Faerie Warrior Queen, could set up that Shay wasn’t able to conquer. Yet, this man... There was something different about him.

And it wasn’t just the obvious.

She’d stalked him for weeks now. For someone who usually took a handful of days to bring out the true nature of her hunt, she felt edgy. Her skin itched at the need to fulfill this hunt so she could get a new assignment. But that would not happen until she could get this guy out.

Shay peeked around the corner. Heart thumped harder when her gaze fell upon him. He was a tall man with fair skin and eyes of green. There was an aura around him which humans would see in the way of confidence. She could see it for what it was—power. He carried an immense amount of power he didn’t even know about.

That’s why she was here. To release him from the containment prison of his real self.

Her vision blurred as her thoughts scattered. When Shay focused again, she noticed he no longer stood by the side of the bus stop. At first she’d wondered why this man took trains and buses, but soon figured out he held some sort of management position in the city. Sydney wasn’t the most car-friendliest city in the world. There were too many bus lanes, one way streets, parking meters at every corner and several parking garages that cost half a person’s salary. And he...he lived in a suburb only twenty minutes away from downtown.

So he caught a bus, or train, or sometimes both. Whichever appealed to him more on the day but, at home, he had a dark sleek BMW. She’d seen him strap himself into it on weekends.

She knew his every move.

A tap on the shoulder caused her hand to fall away from the wall. Shay spun on her heels, and her breath caught in her throat.

None of the hunted had ever spotted her.

“Hi,” he said in a clear and friendly voice. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’d like to know why you’re following me.”



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