Thursday, 22 March 2007

CARDS NEVER LIE by Heather Hiestand ~ Excerpt


Seattleite Melanie Vanderpool needs to change her conservative ways and find a new, wild life. So why does a fortuneteller have to give her such bad news about her soul mate? The good news: passion is in her future. The bad news: her dream lover is going to be forceful and perverse. Hmmm…what can a girl do but jet off to Las Vegas and start hunting for her man?


Melanie is going to lose her job if she doesn’t come up with some hot new products for her massage oil company. Can attending an adult movie convention give her some ideas? For sure, rubbing up against sex toy company CEO Rob Black is giving her some seriously amorous thoughts. But it will be hard to focus amidst the spies, handcuffs and mayhem.


The booth was deserted. Melanie realized the crowd had diminished considerably due to the hour. The conventioneers would be off at a comped lunch in one of the casino’s restaurants.
She sighed, knowing she needed to get back to Tommy Joe, who was probably through the line by now. But a bottle on a table in the back of the booth caught her eye and drew her closer. This bottle was slender and amber-colored. She lifted the vial, running a finger along its cork, which was wrapped with copper wire. It had no price tag. Perhaps it belonged to the premium line? She tugged at the cork and it came away easily in her hand. The scent was divine. Lemon and sandalwood. The kind of scent that energized you, made you want to snuggle into a Jacuzzi with a lover. She smiled. Tommy Joe just might be getting lucky that night.

“Admiring your own product? Is that how Shari recommends you bring in the customers?” said a deep male voice behind her.

Melanie twirled around. Her personal idea of Adonis leaned over the counter in the front of the booth. He was thirtyish, with a tight build, mischievous dark eyes and blond hair with ash brown streaks. “Considering the way you were fondling that thing, it would be worth a penny for your thoughts. Maybe even a buck,” he drawled.



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