Wednesday, 20 June 2007

SNAP! by Shelley Munro

The Time to SNAP! is now

Snap! by Shelley Munro

An inheritance should be something pleasant, like money or jewelry or a personal memento. That's exactly what accountant Alice Beasley is expecting the lawyer to announce at the reading of her aunt's will--a nice surprise to ensure her future security.

Instead Alice inherits a condom company called Fancy Free along with numerous associated problems: elderly board members who are more preoccupied with cake, coffee, knitting and frank discussions of sex; worrying troubles with production and design; the attentions of a stalker with a costume fetish, and then there's the manager--James AKA Mr. Dashing. He makes her very nervous indeed.

It's clear to Alice she has fallen down a rabbit hole into a chaotic Wonderland, and she's waiting for someone to pinch her awake. Alice wants normal, she wants security and love, but what she gets is fun and passion and physical pleasure while bad boy James teaches her about managing a condom company...

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Adventure into Romance with Shelley Munro

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